Work Examples




Business validation, product design, and FDA approval for a new drug delivery device


Modular Medical


Focused on making patients’ lives easier by offering a new medication delivery technology, Modular Medical requested our ongoing collaboration on commercialization strategy, product design and validation with users, formative/summative studies, FDA approval, and execution.  The solution, still in stealth mode, removes the burden of daily injections and compliments the patient’s lifestyle.





Genomics adoption strategy and detailed product design




Illumina created their Understand Your Genome program to drive adoption globally across all of genomics.  At the center of this was their MyGenome experience, and they wanted to understand and remove the user and adoption barriers in this experience.  I validated needs and solutions with users and created a detailed update to their experience, including mobile experiences and a new online community.




Molecular test commercial strategy, removing adoption barriers, and accelerating sales




Myriad’s Prolaris team, focused on sales of prostate cancer molecular panels, was concerned about leveling sales and a segment of the market that only “dabbled” and never adopted as standard of care.  By validating current state scenario, and then iterating several strategic approaches, I identified the methods to overcome the barriers and put those into action.  The results were noticeably accelerated sales per urologist, as well as an increase in total urologists adopting Prolaris as standard of care.







Whole Genome Sequencing business strategy for Life Sciences to accelerate time to drug discovery




WuXi NextCODE was looking to shape its research offering to build a business in the life sciences drug discovery space.  I created the commercial plan, validated the workflows for bioinformaticians and population geneticists, and collaborated to both build and launch the solution.  The result was a successful global business, serving population projects and pharmaceutical companies across the globe.








Commercial planning and sales pipeline acceleration for a new device reducing the risk of bloodstream infections


Ivera (acquired by 3M)


Ivera’s Curos disinfecting port protectors are alcohol-containing caps that twist onto I.V. access points for disinfection and protection. Use of Curos decreases central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs).  We were asked to assist with their initial commercial strategy, as well as create their sales pipeline management tools.  Ivera’s revenues had grown to approximately $30M when they were acquired by 3M in 2015.






Business model strategy and validation, product-market fit, and product design




LabCorp was looking to establish a consumer-focused business in genomics (now called Pixel).  They looked to me for, and I delivered, an understanding of the right business model, the portfolio that served the market’s top needs, and the design and development of the offerings.





Business strategy, funding, and operations for an innovative, retrofittable infusion solution


Applied Infusion


Infusion solutions today drive high cost by requiring care teams and medical facility interaction.  Applied Infusion created a portfolio of solutions to enable more at-home infusions and drive the cost per infusion down by an order of magnitude.  We co-led their business strategy, funding, and operational planning.







Medication adherence market study, focused on driving the commercial success of a new medication adherence service


West Health


West Health had several versions of a digital health service they believed would improve medication adherence for pharmaceutical companies.  They asked for our partnership to understand root causes of the many failures of previous solutions in this space, as well as the critical success factors validated by a few wins in the market.  We then validated a business strategy and product-market fit for their service and framed the action plan for launch.






User-friendly DNA sequencing solution for global commercialization




What was missing from consumer genomic experiences to make them meaningful, valuable, and actionable to users? I found out and validated through user testing, and created for global use, experiences built for physicians and patients to review truly actionable insights from consumer genomic data.  Launched initially in China, WuXi NextCODE successfully leveraged this consumer portfolio in multiple countries.





Real world data and evidence business strategy, product portfolio management, marketing, and adoption for life sciences


Data Services Firm


This organization needed to validate a revised portfolio of RWD and RWE offerings for its global Life Sciences market, including clinical trials, outcomes research portfolio planning, FDA approval acceleration, reimbursement approval acceleration, and commercial sales acceleration.  A successful set of offerings were launched, sales and adoption increased by multiples at customers like Roche, Amgen, and Pfizer, and the firm is now recognized as a global leader in the space.






Pharmacogenomics fund raising and operations strategy




With AltheaDx, a validated pharmacogenomics company, about to receive approval from MolDx on reimbursement for it’s latest offering, they requested assistance with strategic positioning and messaging for their investment efforts, as well as a more formal operational and scalable operational strategy that included lab operations, marketing, product experience, commercial and more.







Digital health solutions to drive better outcomes and lower costs for self-insured employers




The largest drivers of cost for payers often include pregnancy, chronic disease, and aging patients.  With this data-driven prioritization from self-insured employers like Bank of America, we addressed the top cost-driving use cases with mobile experiences, including medication adherence, to improve outcomes and provide much better employee experiences.






Real world data and evidence business strategy, product portfolio management, marketing, and adoption for health systems


Data Services Company


This organization needed to validate a revised portfolio of RWD and RWE offerings for its global Health Systems market, including clinical trials, publications, point-of-care adoption, and overall precision medicine executive program management.  A successful set of offerings were launched, sales and adoption increased, and the business strategy became more focused and easier to execute.






Study and patient workflow solution for receiving realtime and relevant genomic updates




Clinical geneticists and genomic counselors attempt to keep up with genomic updates on a specific gene of interest by cobbling together information from hundreds of potential sources and then crosschecking with studies and cases. WuXi NextCODE wanted to eliminate this bottleneck, and with my help, I designed and delivered an anytime-anywhere mobile solution that does the legwork for users and brings information to them, saving them hours each week.






Revolutionary autism therapy market strategy, product fit, and distribution strategy


West Health


West Health had developed a supplemental therapy to the standard of care ABA therapy for autism, but needed assistance identifying the right market and product offering.  We engaged 37 members of the ecosystem and value chain, identified a clear market, actionable and fast-to-market offering, and set up the initial distribution and sales channels.